Selected Publications

Selected Publications

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Selected preprints

  • Alvaro Barbeira, Scott P Dickinson, Jason M Torres, Eric S Torstenson, Jiamao Zheng, Heather E Wheeler, Kaanan P Shah, Todd Edwards, Dan Nicolae, Nancy J Cox, Hae Kyung Im. (2017) Integrating tissue specific mechanisms into GWAS summary results. doi:
  • Jason M Torres, Alvaro N Barbeira, Rodrigo Bonazzola, Andrew P Morris, Kaanan P Shah, Heather E Wheeler, Graeme Bell, Nancy J Cox,  View ORCID ProfileHae Kyung Im. (2017) Integrative cross tissue analysis of gene expression identifies novel type 2 diabetes genes. doi:

Selected publications

  • Heather E Wheeler*, Kaanan P Shah, Jonathon Brenner, Tzintzuni Garcia, Keston Aquino-Michaels, GTEx Consortium, Nancy J Cox, Dan L Nicolae, Hae Kyung Im* (2016). Survey of the Heritability and Sparse Architecture of Gene Expression Traits Across Human Tissues. PLoS Genetics.
  • Gamazon ER+, Wheeler HE+, Shah KP+, Mozaffari SV, Aquino-Michaels K, Carroll RJ, Eyler AE, Denny JC, Nicolae DL, Cox NJ, Im HK* (2015). A gene-based association method for mapping traits using reference transcriptome data. Nat Genet. Preprint before minor editorial changes in BioRxiv. Read cube version. + equal contribution.
  • Wheeler, H. E., Aquino-Michaels, K., Gamazon, E. R., Trubetskoy, V., Dolan, M. E., Huang, R. S., Cox, N. J., and Im, H. K.* (2013). Poly-Omic Prediction of Com- plex Traits: OmicKriging. ArXiv e-prints stat.AP. Genetic Epidemiology (May 2014) doi:10.1002/gepi.21808.
  • Lee, S. M., Karrison, T. G., Cox, N. J., and Im, H. K.* (2013). Quantitative Allelic Test—A Fast Test for Very Large Association Studies. Genetic epidemiology 37, 831–839.
  • Gamazon, E. R., Huang, R. S., Dolan, M. E., Cox, N. J., and Im, H. K.* (2013). Integrative Genomics: Quantifying significance of phenotype-genotype relationships from multiple sources of high-throughput data. Frontiers in genetics 3, 202.
  • Im, H. K.*, Gamazon, E. R., Nicolae, D. L., and Cox, N. J.* (2012). On Sharing Quantitative Trait GWAS Results in an Era of Multiple-omics Data and the Limits of Genomic Privacy. The American Journal of Human Genetics 90, 591. Featured on the University of Chicago Hospitals Science blog
  • Im, H. K.*, Gamazon, E. R., Stark, A. L., Huang, R. S., Cox, N. J., and Dolan, M. E. (2012). Mixed effects modeling of proliferation rates in cell-based models: consequence for pharmacogenomics and cancer. PLoS Genetics 8, e1002525.